The National Library of Malaysia (MalayPerpustakaan Negara Malaysia) (PNM) is a library established under the National Library Act 1972 in Kuala LumpurMalaysia.

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The National Library

The National Library is responsible for providing a collection of knowledge at national level for the present and future generations. In its effort to strengthen the library's collection, the National Library continues to play an active role in its acquisition of library materials through enforcement of the Deposit of Library Material Act 1986, acquisition, gift and exchange.The pride of the National Library's collection is the Malaysiana Collection. It comprises library materials published in Malaysia and overseas whose whole or larger part of the content is related to the publications date or the language used. Another national intellectual heritage is the Malay Manuscripts and one of her manuscript the Hikayat Hang Tuah has been acknowledged by UNESCO in the Memory of the World Register. It is a MS ISO 9001:2008 certified library.